Kids In DayCare

Get Ready to Put Your Child in Daycare

One of the most difficult decisions for full time working parents is choosing a right daycare for their child. As the junior, will spend bulk of his time in a daycare, it is extremely important that the selected daycare provides high-quality non-parental care. 

The appropriate age to begin day care is when the kid turns one. A child at this age is constantly developing and exploring language, social, and motor skills. The stimulating environment, caregivers responsive and sensitive attitude toward kids, engaging activities, interaction with the peers in a daycare can fulfill a toddler's need to learn and explore.
How to choose a best daycare center? 
•    The most fundamental concern when assessing potential centers is your child’s safety. Make sure the facility is equipped to handle the safety needs of kids and implements all the safety guidelines by the book.  
•    It is crucial to observe that the daycare maintains proper cleanliness and hygiene. The eating, sleeping, and diaper-changing areas should be immaculate to prevent spreading any germs.
•    To get the most out of the daycare experience, the caregiver should be engaging and expose the child to rich variety of play experience. The high-quality daycare has a higher ratio of adults per child, fewer children per group, and staff have early-childhood-development training.
•    After choosing the best daycare, help your child get adjusted at the daycare center. Initially spend as much time as possible in the daycare with the child till the time he feels comfortable in his new surroundings. This will also give you an opportunity to closely observe the daycare’s staff and curriculum.
•    Develop a goodbye ritual, while dropping your kid at the daycare. This will help your child develop a routine, a sense of comfort and calm his fears.

If you are looking for a reliable and great daycare center in New York area, Storybook Child Care is the top choice. Their team of expert caregivers is committed to your child’s development. Kids safety and security, their education, and their health are Storybook Kids highest priorities. There state of the art daycare campus, age-appropriate curriculum, skilled and kids friendly staff, extensive recreational activities, comprehensive reporting on individual performance makes Storybook kids an outstanding daycare center.

Storybook Kids

For working parents, it is a necessity to find the best day care for their child. It is very important for the parents to know, whether their child is growing in the nurturing environment and is well taken care of. The Childcare in America 2012 State Fact Sheet states that "nearly 11 million children under age 5 in the United States are in some type of child care arrangement every week.”

The studies show that child can reap huge benefits from being placed in a quality child care program with a friendly and nurturing staff. Caring staff may read to the child, help the child to identify basic colours, numbers and letters. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development's Child Development and Behaviour Branch stated, “High quality child care appears to provide a small boost to academic performance, perhaps by fostering the early acquisition of school readiness skills."

Here at Storybook Kids - a child care school program, we aim at providing diverse learning programs for infants and above in a safe, secured and fun environment. Our curriculum is age appropriate and focuses on language & literacy Development, Social & Emotional Development, Physical Development & Cognitive Development in the children. Through various simulating and recreational activities, we help children in enhancing their creative expression, agility, posture, eye-hand coordination and motor skills. Various hands on activities are designed to promote social development, science awareness and mathematical skills.

At Storybook Kids, children learn to play together and share with other children. For enforcing good eating habits, nutritious and healthy meals are given to the children. To ensure a child’s safety and security, the necessary measures are taken. All the teachers and assistants at Storybook Kids have complete understanding and knowledge about the best practices of early childhood education. Teachers give personal attention to each and every child. Every child is given space for play and exploration. Children are put into age appropriate learning classes starting from Infant early education (0-1yr) to junior kindergarten (4-5yrs).

For the best Daycare, preschool, prekindergarten child care school program enroll your child with Storybook Kids

Kids In Daycare

More than 70% of parents in the United States place their children in a daycare. When you’re all day at work, you want to be sure that your son or daughter is taken care of properly. That’s why you have to ensure that daycare you choose meets all your needs and expectations. Choosing a daycare isn’t about entering the location and certain keyword in Google search engine and opting for the first option you see. It requires thorough research before making a final decision.

Kids in daycare should be able to learn new things, develop and improve skills while having fun and playing at the same time. The best daycare is the one that offers the ideal combination of entertainment and education. If you thought such place doesn’t exist, think again – Storybook Kids is a daycare center which meets all your needs and much more.


Benefits of choosing our center for your child are numerous. Kids in daycare spend time in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. They feel like home the second they walk in, which is great. You don’t want to choose a daycare center which your child hates or where he/she feels uncomfortable. We strive that all kids in daycare are friendly to each other, love each other, and make one happy little family which shares memories and lovely moments.

Our hard work and dedication have earned us an excellent reputation that we justify with a desire to improve constantly, offer something new, and take a great care of your child. Here, kids in daycare learn from an age-appropriate curriculum that focuses on diverse and stimulating subjects, including

  • Arts and crafts
  • Music appreciation
  • Social development
  • Literacy
  • Science
  • Math


Storybook Kids provides extensive recreational activities whose goal is to promote eye-hand coordination, agility, and motor skills. Our daycare center is flexible; we accommodate everything according to your job and schedule you provide. You can’t find this anywhere else.


The well-crafted schedule for all kids features plenty of time for physical activity, quiet time, group programs, individual activities, meals, snacks, and free time.


We encourage active learning programs which enable kids in daycare to adopt and develop new skills, improve their confidence, and gain a love for learning. 

Kids in Daycare

Daycare centers are everywhere today which is both good and bad thing at the same time. It’s good because you have a wide selection of centers to choose from, and bad because it can be difficult for parents to determine which one to choose. Kids in daycare should feel like home, make new friends, improve existing and develop new skills, and educate at the same time. It’s a demanding task that only some daycare centers can accomplish successfully.

Storybook Kids has everything that best daycare center involves, for example:

  • Welcoming and friendly atmosphere known for its nurturing environment
  • Excellent reputation
  • It is flexible and accommodates parents and their job
  • Responsible and knowledgeable staff ensures that kids in daycare are engaged in various activities and learn new things every day
  • Structured schedule that includes plenty of time for physical activity, quiet time, group programs, individual activities, meals, snacks, and free time


The daycare center was created having in mind parents who have busy work schedules and tons of commitments, but also want to be stress-free knowing their child is in the safe, entertaining, and educational environment.

Kids in daycare learn from an age-appropriate curriculum that concentrates on diverse and stimulating subjects, including arts and crafts, music appreciation, social development, literacy, science, and math. It’s also important to mention that Storybook Kids provides extensive recreational activities whose primary aim is to promote eye-hand coordination, motor skills, and agility.


We culture the active learning programs which allow kids in daycare to adopt and develop new skills, boost confidence, and cherish love for learning. It’s important to mention that we provide a safe and secure environment for all kids. For example, PIN number is required before entry.


Storybook Kids is a daycare center where you’ll child will learn new things, improve their skills, and make friends. We encourage a friendly atmosphere where kids get to bond and spend a lovely time together.


Our informative website contains necessary information about kids in daycare and the process of enrollment. If you’re interested, feel free to contact us, and we’ll provide a detailed response promptly. With us, you’ll be calm and relaxed knowing your child is having a very good time.

Overall Development Of Kids In Daycare

Storybook Child Care

Parents face a lot of struggles, and choosing adequate daycare is one of them. You can’t just Google different daycare centers in the area and choose one of them with “eeny, meeney, miney, mo” method. It’s important to make sure your child will benefit from the time spent there, and daycare centers have a lot of advantages.

Enrolling your son or daughter to a proper daycare prevents emotional problems, teaches kids about social behavior, and your child has an opportunity to learn new things each day, thus becoming more intelligent. It’s needless to say that daycare centers reduce stress levels for moms. One of the best ways to get all these benefits and many others is to opt for Storybook child care. Why? It’s because our child care school has a unique program designed for you and your child. We have created an incredible age-appropriate curriculum which focuses on diverse subjects that stimulate children’s intelligence and problem-solving skills. Here, your child learns something new each day. Isn’t that amazing?

Storybook child care also provides multiple recreational activities, social development, science, math, even literacy lessons. We work closely with your child, regardless of the age, to improve his/her eye-hand coordination, agility, and motor skills.

It’s also important to mention that child’s safety is our number one priority, which is why we have strict security procedures, PIN number entries, and photo IDs. That way, when you’re at work, you’ll be relaxed and calm knowing your child is getting the best care at Storybook child care.

We recognize the importance of active learning and its effect on children’s confidence which is why our special programs focus on developing a love for learning. Nothing can compare to the moment when a child develops a new skill, learns something new. Those moments boost kids’ confidence; make them happy, and willing to know more. What makes Storybook child care stand out is the fact we have established a warm atmosphere where all children are getting along and love spending time in each other’s company. This is the place where your child meets new friends and participates in educational, but exciting activities that will make you proud.

To find out more about our daycare, feel free to contact us and we’ll provide a detailed answer to your inquiry promptly. 

Storybook Child Care

Safety Is Important For Kids In Daycare

The Child Trends Data Bank reports that almost 30% of children are in center-based childcare facilities. They also report that a large number of daycare centers within the United States fail to meet the required standards to provide children with the necessary benefits. Safety is also a major concern in many areas within the United States. The safety of kids in daycare should be the most essential factor considered when choosing a daycare for your kids. 



Security Implementations

Many high-quality daycare centers offer extensive security implementations in order to ensure the safety of kids in daycare. This can include a variety of security features that ensure your children are safe during their time in daycare. Many daycare centers have implemented keypad entries for parents to log in before collecting their child. Fenced playgrounds are also implemented to ensure the privacy of children within the daycare.

When choosing the perfect location to place your kids in daycare, you should ask the center whether they have implemented effective security measures. Some questions you can ask:

  • Is your center camera monitored?
  • Do you implement fire drills?
  • Do you have an adequate amount of fire exits?
  • Do you have quality smoke detectors?
  • Are  your staff certified to administer medication on children?

If these measures have been implemented in a daycare center, then the center should be of high quality and the safety of your child will be a priority to the center.

Keeping Your Child Safe

While these centers can take measurements to ensure the safety of your child, it is still your responsibility to do thorough research in order to determine the best location for your child. Daycare centers usually also include education programs. The Child Trends Data Bank reports that children who receive early education programs through these centers have score higher grades in school and also benefit from developing social skills that will allow them to interact with classmates when entering primary school.

You should search for a center that is in a safe location and provides numerous safety precautions that will ensure the security of your child. Instead of opting for the cheapest option in your area, do some research and consider digging a little deeper into your wallet for the safety and future of your child.


There are thousands of daycare centers that promises to ensure your child have fun, are safe and get some level of early education. Research shows that many of these centers do not live up to their promises. Kids in daycare need a safe environment where they can develop and learn.

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