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September 19, 2016

Parents face a lot of struggles, and choosing adequate daycare is one of them. You can’t just Google different daycare centers in the area and choose one of them with “eeny, meeney, miney, mo” method. It’s important to make sure your child will benefit from the time spent there, and daycare centers have a lot of advantages.

Enrolling your son or daughter to a proper daycare prevents emotional problems, teaches kids about social behavior, and your child has an opportunity to learn new things each day, thus becoming more intelligent. It’s needless to say that daycare centers reduce stress levels for moms. One of the best ways to get all these benefits and many others is to opt for Storybook child care. Why? It’s because our child care school has a unique program designed for you and your child. We have created an incredible age-appropriate curriculum which focuses on diverse subjects that stimulate children’s intelligence and problem-solving skills. Here, your child learns something new each day. Isn’t that amazing?

Storybook child care also provides multiple recreational activities, social development, science, math, even literacy lessons. We work closely with your child, regardless of the age, to improve his/her eye-hand coordination, agility, and motor skills.

It’s also important to mention that child’s safety is our number one priority, which is why we have strict security procedures, PIN number entries, and photo IDs. That way, when you’re at work, you’ll be relaxed and calm knowing your child is getting the best care at Storybook child care.

We recognize the importance of active learning and its effect on children’s confidence which is why our special programs focus on developing a love for learning. Nothing can compare to the moment when a child develops a new skill, learns something new. Those moments boost kids’ confidence; make them happy, and willing to know more. What makes Storybook child care stand out is the fact we have established a warm atmosphere where all children are getting along and love spending time in each other’s company. This is the place where your child meets new friends and participates in educational, but exciting activities that will make you proud.

To find out more about our daycare, feel free to contact us and we’ll provide a detailed answer to your inquiry promptly. 

Storybook Child Care

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