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Get Ready to Put Your Child in Daycare

January 20, 2017

One of the most difficult decisions for full time working parents is choosing a right daycare for their child. As the junior, will spend bulk of his time in a daycare, it is extremely important that the selected daycare provides high-quality non-parental care. 

The appropriate age to begin day care is when the kid turns one. A child at this age is constantly developing and exploring language, social, and motor skills. The stimulating environment, caregivers responsive and sensitive attitude toward kids, engaging activities, interaction with the peers in a daycare can fulfill a toddler's need to learn and explore.
How to choose a best daycare center? 
•    The most fundamental concern when assessing potential centers is your child’s safety. Make sure the facility is equipped to handle the safety needs of kids and implements all the safety guidelines by the book.  
•    It is crucial to observe that the daycare maintains proper cleanliness and hygiene. The eating, sleeping, and diaper-changing areas should be immaculate to prevent spreading any germs.
•    To get the most out of the daycare experience, the caregiver should be engaging and expose the child to rich variety of play experience. The high-quality daycare has a higher ratio of adults per child, fewer children per group, and staff have early-childhood-development training.
•    After choosing the best daycare, help your child get adjusted at the daycare center. Initially spend as much time as possible in the daycare with the child till the time he feels comfortable in his new surroundings. This will also give you an opportunity to closely observe the daycare’s staff and curriculum.
•    Develop a goodbye ritual, while dropping your kid at the daycare. This will help your child develop a routine, a sense of comfort and calm his fears.

If you are looking for a reliable and great daycare center in New York area, Storybook Child Care is the top choice. Their team of expert caregivers is committed to your child’s development. Kids safety and security, their education, and their health are Storybook Kids highest priorities. There state of the art daycare campus, age-appropriate curriculum, skilled and kids friendly staff, extensive recreational activities, comprehensive reporting on individual performance makes Storybook kids an outstanding daycare center.

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